Early July this year representatives of those profiting from global misery meet in the centre of Hamburg. In accordance with this meeting, which content has been and will be criticised at many occasions, goes a nearly unparalleled power demonstration by the state. Still, resistance is forming at many places worldwide. Many different individuals, groups and structures plan the protest and will probably mobilise more than 100.000 people to Hamburg.

For the protest camp we want to claim the space, which is continuously taken from us through the commodification of daily life -whether we play by their rules or not.

We want to create a space, which should be an alternative to capitalist society -(as possible) free from anti-semitism, nationalism, racism, sexism and other discriminating and authoritative behaviour, which we encounter everyday. A space, in which people can discuss and network across movements.

We as organisers understand the term ‘anti-capitalist’ according to its definition as ‘against capitalism’ and therefore inherently understand our critique as such. In this sense the camp should also work; self-organised and participation not linked to seemingly useability, hence enabling participation without money.
We respect the diversity of forms of expression and actions and thus aim to create a space which is open to Everyone -this explicitly includes individuals, groups and structures, which do not explicitly define themselves as anti-capitalist.

For us, everyone is welcome, who wants to live and create a community of solidarity. Because while we can create the infrastructure of such a community, the camp will be an open space, which lives from the participation of everyone.

Therefore, we call all individuals, groups and structures to coordinate and organise barrios. The camp should consist of many of these small self-organised Barrios, which form and content is up to the creativity and interests of each individual, group and structure.

The camp is what we all make of it.