support us

You want to support us? We could use any help – practical help, money, material, knowledge, ideas, political support

    • come to the next camp meeting ( time and location upon request)
    • donate money: account: Jugend in der Welt e.V., IBAN: DE14 6225 0030 0001 8117 31, BIC: SOL ADESISHA
      keyword: “camp“ ( important!)
    • Help with construction of the camp: starting from the 26. June at „Stadtpark, Festwiese“. We need A LOT of people!
    • Spread the infos: you can find our leaflet here. Print and spread it!
    • Bring materials: building material, vans, tents, general camp infrastructure…contact us at info-g20camp [at] Below you can find a detailed list of material needed


  • Help us with your know-how: Share the experience of past camps you were involved in
  • organize workshops: contact us at content-g20camp [at] or do it spontaneously
  • contrive a barrio: For more decentralization! More infos on our leaflet (here)
  • And get involved at the camp. Only together we can manage the camp

Wish list:

  • big tents/circus tents
  • middlesized tents
  • building materials
  • pallets ( only big scale donations please )
  • fabric for banners, paint, brushes ( also large scale if possible )
  • tarps
  • radios
  • wood ( boards and plates )
  • barrier tape
  • laces
  • duct tape
  • screws
  • tools: especially hammers, tongs, sanitary and electrician tools
    laminating device
  • computers, beamers, screens,
  • writing material of all kinds
  • Tools to install electricity

    Mains tester
    Lamps and light of all sorts
    Power cable 16A and 32 A and Saftycable and safty plug etc.
    Cable drum
    Multiple socket, extension lead

    Installing Water
    Hose for drinking water (blue)
    Connection pieces
    Water tap
    Sewage pump
    Pipes (5cm), curb pieces (many), traps
    Tools such as pipe wrenches, open-jawed spanners

    General tools
    Cordless drill
    Jigsaw or compass saw
    Circular saw

    Cable protection : protection for cables which lie on the ground – used
    on building sites
    Cable tie or tie wrap
    Different size screws
    Rope (tentrope)
    Tarpaulin (for trucks)
    Squared timber
    Tile batten
    Fire extinguisher

    Since we do need your help to build the camp very quickly from now on,
    we need your help. We also need your practical help, from all over the
    world :

    Things that you will be able to do, for example :
    – help put up many many tents
    – electricity network
    – water network
    – Information
    – Many more


We‘re also looking for people who:

  • are well versed in sanitary works
  • are interested in working in the office for preparations ( call companies, buy stuff etc. )
  • translators
  • could work as drivers for a couple of days – heavy truck licenses are always welcome and so are own cars/trucks
  • would moderate and organize plena ( possible as a group )
  • awareness groups
  • have experiences with safety concepts and would help with a night watch concept